The hourglass, Diptyque's new creation /

Diptyque returns with a new hourglass, more powerful and aesthetic than ever.

It will take you an hour, the time of an hourglass cycle, a diptyque hour, to discover this useful and unique tool that wishes to take you along the minutes, traveling through time and fragrant scents of the new creation of the brand.

Time, again, comes to lend a hand to the hourglass. So that it finds its right contours. Here, a long silhouette of glass dressed in a gilded metal scabbard. It is signed Servaire & Co, creative accomplice of diptych, which gives body to an inventive design, close to a spirit of cabinet of curiosities.

The technology for capturing a natural perfume by the Headspace method is unique. The Headspace captures the smell of living elements that are an inexhaustible source of inspiration in perfumery. The odor is captured on the spot without ever harvesting or even moving the plant from its natural environment. It is a non-invasive process that respects the plant.

The diptyque hourglass is designed to deliver its fragrance smoothly and slowly. It brings a perfume of discreet ambience.
Ideal for perfuming small spaces of less than 20 square meters, it can also create slightly scented environments in larger rooms, its scent spreading over a surface three to four meters around the object.
To optimize the diffusion of the perfume, it is recommended to place the hourglass near a natural convection place (window, chimney, fan ...) and open on the room.
The hourglass is a perennial object that has a lifespan of about 3 months, until total evaporation of the perfume. It can be recharged once with a refill of the same perfume.

 It exists in 6 different scents: 

- Orange blossom: Soft and floral, its wake evokes the brilliance of the Mediterranean and awakens the memory of the perfumes of childhood.
- Ginger: The original purity of ginger freshly cut, fusing and spiced.
- Fig tree: Close your eyes and discover the whole tree: heat of the bark, freshness of the leaves, milk sap of the fruit.
- 34 boulevard Saint-Germain: Crumpled foliage, wood and exotic spices. The smell of the first shop is also a signature perfume.
- Roses: A garden rose freshly picked in all its naturalness.
- Berries: The irresistible freshness of a bouquet of roses sprinkled with blackcurrant leaves and berries.






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