Christmas candle Special selection /

Nose and Astier de Villatte have prepared you a selection of candles that will make sparks when unpacking gifts:

- Grand Chalet: Here in this unique landscape and alpine climate, the painter Balthus has installed his home. Enchanted by the aromas of milk, honey and lemony linden in his workshop. Today this memory is prolonged by the fire of a candle in handmade ceramic.

- Jerusalem: A tour of holy places, the Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall and the Mount of Olives. The delicate scent of church incense mixes with the dark and mysterious scent of agarwood, cedar wood and nutmeg. Brightened with galbanum and cypres wood.

- Naples:
 A lady with a fur coat is having a pastry with a coffee. A treat of almonds, orange blossom refreshed by petitgrain and neroli.

- Oulan Bator: A camp, a herd of horses. A smoky soft and sensual smell of leather impregnated with tobacco, incense, ambergris and angelica herbs.

- Saint Honore: A disturbing perfume, a cloud powdery notes. The delicacy of green notes mixed with pink jasmine that merges delightfully with the ambiance of the shop and its coppery amberish notes.

- Namche Bazar: Dried black tea with a smoky scent of tobacco and dried hay. The notes of incense blend with the freshness of verbena and lavender. Accompanied by an animalic profound smell of patchouli, mate from South America, musks.

- Mantes la jolie:  The marketplace of the old town of Mantes-La- Jolie in France. Accords of mint with citrus notes that are green and crispy with aromatic plants enhanced by the freshness of eucalyptus.

- Delhi: In the narrow alleys between the piles of houses in a heated atmosphere, a multitude of intoxicating flavors that invade the nostrils: piper bettle plants, benzoin, musk and myrrh, smoked wood, hints of vanilla, cigarettes with herbs and eucalyptus .

- Aoyama: The typical scent of an old wooden Japanese house in the neighborhood of Aoyama. Damp wood, incense, and freshly laundered linen. An exquisite scent of patchouli, smoky notes of gaiac and vetiver and cloves. The notes of oak moss adds a sensation of freshness.

- Stockholm: The famous Elixir of the Swedish. King Gustav II watered his Viking warriors with this elixir to make them invicible. An incredible scent of wild plants, cloves, lavender, myrrh, vetiver and clary sage.

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