Terms and conditions of the use of the website www.nose.fr

Welcome to www.nose.fr (hereinafter, the “Website”)

 The use of the Website implies acceptance by the user of these terms and conditions of use, with which he declares he is familiar, having read them (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions of Use”). In this respect, we encourage you to read them carefully. These Terms and Conditions of Use constitute an agreement between NOSE and the User.



1.1           The services and products presented by NOSE on the Website enable Users to order the products sold on the Website for themselves or for a third party and/or to obtain product analyses or recommendations for themselves or for a third party (hereinafter, the “User(s))”.


1.2           Collection of personal data

1.2.1      Collection of data upon registration on the Website/span>

Personal information is collected at the time the User registers on the Website and creates his personal NOSE account. This information comprises the surname, name, email address, date of birth and IP address of the User. The items that must compulsorily be filled out by the User are indicated by an asterisk (*). The other personal data requested at the time of registration is optional and registration is not dependant on its provision. This optional personal data is connected with the provision of analyses and bear upon the User’s preferences, and/or those of a third party.


1.2.2      Collection of personal data upon placing the order

The User may only place an order once he is registered on the Website. Before placing an order he will therefore have provided the personal data mentioned at 1.2.1.

When he places an order, the User must fill out the following fields on the Website: billing address, postal address if the latter is different to the former, telephone number and bank details. This information is compulsory.


1.2.3      Collection of personal data upon the order

The completion of the User’s preferences is not necessary for the User to order on the Website. In order to obtain his preferences, the User must fill out the items indicated by an asterisk (*). The User who decided to take part in to “Surprise Surprise” and/or “The Love Machine” shall have to fill out the items indicated with an asterisk (*) in order to obtain his preferences and that they be provided to his host.


2.              USE OF PERSONAL DATA 

NOSE will use the personal data provided by the User in order to open the User’s customer account, to process and send the User’s order or provide product analyses and recommendations.

The data collected is for NOSE, which may use them to manage its customer relations, draw up statistics, create business plans, send newsletters and communications regarding its products, cosmetic advice, promotions or any other information to internet users.

This data may be passed on to third parties for the requirements of any online payment, in particular to authorize a method of payment.

In connection with the services “Surprise Surprise” and “The Love Machine”, the personal data (birthday date,  type of relation, sex, e-mail,…) provided by the User shall allow him to obtain his preferences which will also be provided with his personal data to his host.

As a general rule, the internet user will always have the option of expressing his discretionary refusal to have his personal data reused in the future for marketing purposes (either via an unsubscribe link on the corresponding message, or, generally, by sending a message to the following email address: info@nose.fr).

Other than said recipients, the personal data that the internet user will provide to NOSE will not be accessible to third parties, nor will it be passed on, sold or exchanged.

 For more information, please refer to our “Privacy Policy - Cookies”, which also governs your visit to this Website, in order to understand our practices, by clicking on the link Privacy Policy – Cookies./span>


3.              CONFIDENTIALITY

Please refer to our “Privacy Policy – Cookies”, which also governs your visit to this Website, in order to understand our practices, by clicking on the link Privacy Policy – Cookies.


 Personal data is collected when a User registers on the Website, places an order or wishes to give a product to a third party on the Website.

 Pursuant to amended law no.78-17 of 6 January 1978 regarding data processing, data files and civil liberties, Users have the right to access, rectify and delete data relating to them by writing to the following address: NOSE, 20, rue Bachaumont, 75002 Paris, France or by letter by clicking on the Privacy Policy – Cookies link.



NOSE is the owner of the domain name www.nose.fr, of all of its content and its logos. In addition, and unless otherwise indicated, the copyright of the documents and all of the elements appearing on the Website are the property of NOSE.

 All of the trademarks present and appearing on the Website are protected and their use or reproduction is therefore formally prohibited.

 All of the elements comprising the Website (text, graphics, software, databases, logos, trademarks, etc.) and the Website itself, are governed by French and International copyright and related rights legislation (in particular articles L.122-4 and L.122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code).

 Consequently, the Website User undertakes to:

–     refrain from reproducing in any quantity, for any reason whatsoever, the information present on the Website;

–     refrain from including all or part of the Website content on a different website, for any reason whatsoever;

–     refrain from intervening on the Website using software or tools making it possible to automate requests on the website and/or extract or reproduce all or part of the elements comprising the Website, or all or part of the results of requests, or to carry out any activity liable to affect the smooth operation of the Website;

–     refrain from modifying, adding, deleting or reproducing content of the Website or hypertext links.

Any use of the Website that is not expressly authorized is a breach of copyright and constitutes patent infringement. It may also be a breach of image rights, personality rights or any other rights and regulations in force. It may therefore incur the criminal or civil liability of the User.

6.              LIABILITY

NOSE is not legally liable with regard to Users in the event of breach of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

NOSE is not liable for the content of hypertext links to which the User may be redirected. 

Furthermore, NOSE declines all liability with regard to the information available on the Website. Consequently, no guarantee is given with regard to the correctness, accuracy, or completeness of the information that appears on the Website. Finally, it will not be held liable with regard to one-off and unexpected errors that may occur on the Website.


 7.              MODIFICATIONS

NOSE reserves the right to modify and update the Terms and Conditions of Use without prior notice. In such a case, the new version of the Terms and Conditions of Use will appear on the Website. The use of the Website will be governed by these new Terms and Conditions of Use.

8.              SEVERABILITY 

If one or more stipulations of the Terms and Conditions of Use is deemed to be invalid or declared as such pursuant to a law, regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations will retain their full force and scope.